Oops! Missed it 45 years on...

Sat here updating the blog and getting over the excitement(?) of the weekend and suddenly realised I had missed it! The 45th anniversary of my first radio programme was last Friday the first of December (Er... I started very young). I must admit I thought it was next week so hadn’t been paying much attention.

It has been an interesting journey these last 45 years, worked with some great guys and I have to say some very strange ones too! But that is the world of radio, my early days were more about the alternatives rather than mainstream. It took me through the high seas on the good ship Mi Amigo, onto the Irish pirates and then onto the first fulltime land based pirates in the UK.

I have now in my dotage settled down to fully legit radio, it is much better for the stress levels!

I don't have photo's from my first radio days but the one above one was taken on the Mi Amigo in my Radio Caroline days by my good friend Marc Jacobs, Brian Martin is lurking in the background.


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