Those Hazy Days

I don't know about you, but I always find that time between Christmas and New Year a very hazy time. It is a struggle to remember what day it is, a sort of yearly no mans land!

The routine is gone, strange routines and programmes at odd times. I always end up looking forward to the New year, partly because there is a feeling of leaving behind any unpleasant bits but mainly because of the possibility of new adventures.

So it goes, my last programme of 2017 today on Rock FM's Lazy Weekend. As well as the usual mix of classic tracks and a sprinkling of new stuff today the new stuff will be focused on old timers who have reappeared during 2017. tracks to from Buffy Sainte-Marie after a long absence, tears for Fears and Squeeze plus a few more.

Join me today on the Lazy Weekend at Rock FM Cyprus 2-4pm (12-2 UK) let's chill together with some great album tracks.


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