Welcome, I am Roger Mathews this is my home page where I remember some of the great days of radio.  From my early days on offshore radio when we were all pirates to the normailty(?) of licensed radio. The great memories I have of Radio Caroline and later Sunshine radio, with all the ducking and weaving to avoid the authorities.

It has been a long time since my first radio program on the 1st of December 1972, a lot has changed but my love for the medium has not.

I have always had the attitude that life is a series of adventures that present themselves in a fairly random sequence and which if they feel good should be undertaken without reservation. It is an attitude which has led to, shall we say an interesting life. It has not all been radio but radio is like an ever present shadow which is never far from my thoughts.

I hope you enjoy the memories contained in these pages, if you were one of our loyal band of listeners and I doubt any station has had such an amazingly loyal bunch of listener as Radio Caroline, then I hope it brings back those memories to you also.

My Radio Daze started in ernest in the early 70’s, the 1st December 1972 to be precise. Since then my journey through radio has been based on adventure rather than lucrativeness. It was never planned that way it just sort of happened, my love of radio has been the driving factor along with my love of adventure (some would just say doing it the hard way). These following pages are a small reflection on that journey.

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